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Important fact. No crew – no race.
We depend on having a really good crew to make these races and anyone who would like to take part in this adventure is welcome to apply as a crew member. We have had some test races and the crew till now has been amazing.. They work hard, for hours! – under somtimes demanding weather conditions and they hunt for solutions. That’s what we need! So if your’re ready to go all in we can promise you a great experience and a good reference.


Gunhild, 26, from Hamarøy

Gunhild is a young lady that originate from just across the fjord from Lofoten, Hamarøy. She’s constantly on a new adventure somewhere. Surfing, hiking or camping on a remote beach or mountaintop across all of Norway.
Gunhild must be one of the most social, hardworking and sweetest beings on this planet! She though as few and very dedicated. Not only has she worked hard to make the best test race ever for Lofoten Triathlon, but she also recruited a bunch of other crewmembers!

«The Arctic Triple was a magical experience that I´m very happy to be a part of! The spirit, and the joy that was present among both athletes and volunteers was absolutely AMAZING!»

Roald, 68 years old, from Gimsøy

Roald is a true local from Lofoten. He grew up on the farm at Gimsøy where he still lives and has worked in the fish industry most of his life. When he was asked to help out on the test race for Lofoten Triathlon he hesitated.., but said ok. After the first bike had passed him at his checkpoint at Sundklakk he was on fire! So he was more than happy to continue to the next check point where he was needed – Haugen farm at the 25 km mark on the run leg. It’s an hours drive there from his first check point! He ended up spending at least 15 hours on the race that day and loving it! Welcome back in 2016 Roald 🙂

“I’m so surprised! This was a blast! I look forward to next year already!”

Per Otto (Potto), 28 years old, from Ås

Potto must have been very motivated to come work as crew at the test race for Lofoten Triathlon. He started the travel from southern Norway after work on Thursday. Drove a couple of hours to the airport in Oslo. Flew up to Bodø. Took a ferry leaving at midnight (!!) from Bodø and arrived at the very tip of Lofoten very early Friday morning. Drove for about two hours to Svolvær. Got maybe an hour of sleep..and was all set at the crew briefing Friday at noon. Impressive! We look forward to see you again Potto!

“There is nothing better than being extremely worn out surrounded by spectacular nature!”

Ella, 16 years old, from Svolvær

Ella was one of our youngest crewmembers at the test race for Lofoten Triathlon in August 2015. She did a great job helping out all through the race. Closing in on the end of the test race we needed someone to do a quick run to the top of the last mountaintop on the run leg. So she did. Watch out future triathletes! She’s on your backs!

“It’s going be crazy cool! I’m already hooked on the thought of doing a triathlon myself!”

Marlene, 28 years old, Reine

Marlene was just the perfect crewmember that came out of nowhere and made all the difference for the test race we did on Lofoten UltraTrail in October 2015. She lives on the Moskenes island where the start for the race is set and she really knows everyone! Perfect. She got the crew somewhere to sleep and then made sure we got food too for the first day of the test. The test runners really needed and loved those chocolate filled buns!
Thank you so much Marlene! We know the first Lofoten UltraTrail will have the best support we could ever hope for when we set off from Reinefjorden in June 2016.

“My first meeting with The Arctic Triple made me shed a tear.. The video from the Triathlon was magical, and showed the Lofoten Islands as adventurous and challenging as only they can be. This event I would like to be a part of! During the test for Lofoten UltraTrail the conditions were perfect and swept away locals as well as the runners. It was an amazing day, with a great group of people – nothing but perfect! I’m really excited to welcome the participants at The Arctic Triple 2016, and know in my heart that this will be an event that will blow people’s minds and hearts away! See you in 2016!»



  • A big challenge!
  • An opportunity to be part of an amazing crew and a unique race in the Lofoten Islands
  • A really cool and unique Crew T-shirt for each of the races in The Arctic Triple
  • A possibility to get a great experience and a good reference to put on your CV


  • Logistics
  • Medical personnel
  • Safety
  • Support
  • Photo and film


  • Dedication – you are up for a challenge!
  • Owning a driver’s license is very practical, but not a must
  • Let us know if you have experience with kayaking, hiking, climbing and skiing
  • First and foremost – you’re are a nice person! We want to be the best hosts in the world 🙂


  • Full name
  • Age
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • If you have a drivers’ license or not
  • What races you would like to work on
  • When you are available to get things going!
  • Do you have anywhere to stay during the race? (We have limited slots for housing crew members)


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